Brown Shrimp - Headless, Peeled & Peeled and Deveined

Carson and Company - Brown ShrimpBrown Shrimp or scientifically known as (Farfantepenaeus Aztecus) are the favorite crustaceans of seafood lovers throughout the United States. Brown shrimp are found in the Gulf of Mexico and the South Atlantic Ocean. Brown shrimp tend to live in shallow waters from 170 ft. to 350 ft. deep. Fisheries for brown, white and pink shrimp are considered the most valuable fisheries in the US. More than 90 percent of brown shrimp harvested in the US come from the Gulf waters between Texas and the Florida panhandle.

Shrimp are a year round “crop” however most shrimp do not survive more than 2 years. As long as the living conditions for the shrimp are good than the Brown shrimp will be very productive and keep their abundance levels high for the next year. Brown shrimp are freshly caught and then flash frozen to preserve the freshness and flavor of the seafood. The Brown Shrimp processed by Carson and Company are sourced from along the Gulf Coast.

We at Carson and Company buy the shrimp directly from the shrimp boats and docks, then transport them to our facility in Bon Secour, Alabama. Here the shrimp go through extensive inspection before we package the shrimp for distribution. We sell to large wholesale distributors, like your Sysco’s, US Foods, etc. Retailers can then purchase the shrimp through a distributor.

Carson and Company specializes in various types of Shrimp processing in Bon Secour AL at wholesale Shrimp prices, including white shrimp, brown shrimp and Gulf Shrimp. If you are looking to buy seafood online such as headless shrimp, deveined Shrimp, or peeled shrimp, you have come to the right seafood distributor dealing solely in fresh processed Shrimp that is flash frozen.

At Carson and Company, we exceed ordinary wholesale shrimp standards to provide our customers with the finest, freshest wild caught Gulf Shrimp available. We have been a leading shrimp processor, producer, and supplier of quality domestic frozen shrimp since for over 37 years, since 1976.