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Headless Shrimp

Carson and Company in Bon Secour, AL is the number one shrimp processor and supplier in Southern Alabama. Carson and Co. specializes in gulf shrimp consisting of both White Shrimp and Brown Shrimp that are all natural, fresh and chemical free. If you are in the market for the best priced and best tasting gulf shrimp, look no further. Carson and Company provides three different types of frozen shrimp, including, deveined Shrimp, peeled shrimp and headless shrimp at wholesales shrimp prices.

Our wild caught shrimp are brought in by our own fleet of tractor trailers to our state of the art facility, where the fresh shrimp are then processed, frozen and shipped out for delivery. Headless Shrimp are perfect for easy preparation since we take the work out by heading the shrimp. Headless Shrimp are great for restaurants, food stores, corporate events or a simple meal at home. Call us today for our shrimp prices or information to discuss what type of frozen shrimp you prefer.

Headless White Shrimp

White Headless Shrimp

These Shell-On White Gulf Coast Shrimp (Penaeus Setiferus) are known for their mild taste and soft texture. White Shrimp are typically caught in late Spring through June, then again from Fall until the Winter sets in sometime in January. White Headless Shrimp order sizes range from 10/15 to 51-60.
Headless Brown Shrimp

Brown Headless Shrimp

These Shell-On Gulf Coast Brown Shrimp (Penaeus Aztecus) appear golden brown in color and are rich in flavor. The typical season for Brown  Shrimp begins in early to mid-May and lasts through the end of the Summer. Brown Headless Shrimp order sizes range from 10/15 to 51/60.

WASI Certified & Gulf Seafood Trace Compatible

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